Asphalt Services

The extremes of Columbus weather can be harsh on your asphalt surface. If not properly taken care of, asphalt can end up being riddled with potholes, oil stains and buckling, all of which require very costly repairs or worse, a replacement of all the asphalt. This can be avoided with a simple preventive maintenance plan that Buckeye Asphalt Maintenance & Sealcoating, LLC provides, which can help asphalt stand for 15 years or more before major asphalt replacement becomes necessary. Buckeye Asphalt Maintenance & Sealcoating, LLC offers all asphalt services including new installation, resurfacing, patching, and pothole repair.

New Installation

Asphalt that is properly installed for your driveway or parking lot is the first step to a long lasting investment. New asphalt needs to have a strong foundation, graded well, and compacted according to industry standards. If these steps are not done correctly, your asphalt will experience premature deterioration and failure.


Resurfacing asphalt (also known as “capping”) is when we put another layer of asphalt over the existing asphalt of your driveway or parking lot. Though this option typically does not last as long as replacing the asphalt, it is a more cost effective option to consider when your current asphalt has failed.


Patching asphalt is a common practice for repairing areas of the asphalt that has failed on your driveway or parking lot. Many times, asphalt patching can repair a section of the asphalt without the expense of a total replacement. These areas of the asphalt are cut out neatly into square pieces and replaced with new asphalt.

Pothole Repair

Over time, sections of asphalt begin to break apart creating potholes. Potholes are rough on vehicles, and also create dangerous tripping hazards. This can be easily repaired by shoveling new asphalt into the potholes and compacting the asphalt accordingly.

We have used them for several of our rental properties. Each time we've used them they have been reliable, awesome to work with, and far below the rest in price. We will continue to use them hands down.

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