Quality Workmanship at Budget Prices

Buckeye Asphalt Maintenance & Sealcoating, LLC, in Columbus, Ohio, offers top quality asphalt maintenance at affordable rates.

We are an owner operated business that prides itself on well managed job sites and hassle free service.

We work with both residential and commercial clients across the greater Columbus area. No job is too big or too small.

With a reputation for affordability, reliability, and superior results, Buckeye Asphalt stands as your trusted partner for all asphalt needs.

Why Choose Buckeye Asphalt Services          

Affordable Excellence

Quality service at unbeatable rates.

Owner-Operated Precision

Hands-on management for precise execution.

Proven Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied clients with high ratings

Versatility and Reliability

Residential to commercial, we’re always dependable.


Highly recommend this company. They paved our drive we couldn’t be happier. Easy to work with and very friendly employees.

- Mike Hassinger

Buckeye Asphalt Services

Parking lot sealcoating.


The best way to prolong the life of your asphalt, especially in high-traffic areas where wear and tear has exposed the aggregate stone, is to apply asphalt sealer.

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Asphalt Services

The extremes of Columbus weather can be harsh on your asphalt surface. If not properly taken care of, asphalt can end up being riddled with potholes, oil stains and buckling.

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Asphalt services being performed.
Asphalt that needs crack filling.

Crack Filling

Surface cracks are often the first visible signs of underlying problems with asphalt. Small cracks expand to form larger problem areas that have an “alligatored” appearance.

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Striping & Stenciling

Striping and Stenciling Square.

After an asphalt parking lot is newly installed or sealed, its parking spaces need to be restriped and stenciled. It’s a final touch that adds a tremendous amount of appeal.

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Drain & Basin Repair

Drain and Basin Repair Square.

Water is the most significant problem in the premature wear of asphalt surfaces. Drains need to function properly to transport water away.

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Concrete Square.

Although concrete is more expensive than asphalt, it last considerably longer. If you have a project that includes concrete & asphalt, we are your one stop shop.

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