Asphalt Crack Sealing

Surface cracks are often the first visible signs of underlying problems with your asphalt.

Small cracks expand to form larger problem areas that have what we call an alligatored appearance. Once this type of deterioration occurs, it’s usually necessary to remove and replace the asphalt. Look for long cracks to appear where the seams were during initial construction. These are the weakest areas in the asphalt mat.

Have asphalt cracks filled in as soon as possible. Water that gets in will only make them worse. While there are many choices for crack-filling, for parking lots we use a hot, pourable, rubberized material, which has the best results because of its capacity to expand and contract.

Do you have questions about crack filling or want to get a quote?

We have used them for several of our rental properties. Each time we've used them they have been reliable, awesome to work with, and far below the rest in price. We will continue to use them hands down.

- Columbus Realty Source