Drain & Basin Repair

Keep water from damaging your asphalt.

Water is probably the most significant threat to your asphalt surface, causing premature wear and deteriorating the surface. Drains and catch basins play a critical role in protecting your property as they transport water off the surface of the asphalt, keeping it from ponding or collecting.

We repair all catch basins by installing a 2’ wide concrete collar around the existing drain. This collar is poured 8” thick with medium-set concrete, which cures in 48 hours.  Regular concrete is not as strong and will take two weeks to cure. We also pour the interior walls of the catch basin with solid concrete, instead of concrete block, which may save you money but won’t last as long as poured concrete walls.

We have used them for several of our rental properties. Each time we've used them they have been reliable, awesome to work with, and far below the rest in price. We will continue to use them hands down.

- Columbus Realty Source