Parking Lot Sealcoating

Protect your investment and prolong the life of your parking lot asphalt by resealing it regularly.

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Prevent Parking Lot Asphalt Surface Deterioration

New parking lot asphalt should be sealed one to two years after it’s installed. This gives the asphalt time to cure and seals in the oils and tars that give asphalt the flexibility to withstand traffic and the elements. While sealer is not a substitute for major asphalt repairs, resealing your parking lot every two to three years will help prevent surface deterioration.

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We Properly Prepare Your Parking Lot

Proper preparation is key because asphalt sealer will not adhere to dirty or oily surfaces. We clean the asphalt by using forced air and sweep it with wire brooms. This loosens dirt and debris lodged in the pores of the asphalt that might cause the sealer to fail.

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Sealcoating – Mixed and Installed to the Highest Standards

While there are many types and grades of asphalt sealers on the market today, we use Sealmaster Masterseal, and avoid all materials containing coal-tar. As with any other coating, asphalt sealers are easily modified after purchase. Therefore it’s important to mix the asphalt sealer with the proper ratio of sand and water. Unfortunately, some contractors water down sealers prior to application, causing poor adhesion and/or premature wear. At Buckeye Asphalt Maintenance & Sealcoating, we guarantee your sealers will be mixed and installed in accordance with the specific Sealmaster standards.

Why Choose Buckeye Asphalt for Your Parking Lot Sealcoating Needs?

Buckeye Asphalt Maintenance & Sealcoating, LLC, in Columbus, Ohio, offers top quality asphalt maintenance at affordable rates. We are an owner operated business that prides itself on well managed job sites and hassle free service. We work with many happy commercial clients across the greater Columbus area. No job is too big or too small – and we are committed to excellence.

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We have used them for several of our rental properties. Each time we’ve used them they have been reliable, awesome to work with, and far below the rest in price. We will continue to use them hands down.

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