Asphalt vs Tarmac

Asphalt vs Tarmac

Asphalt and tarmac are the most common materials for paving roads, driveways, and parking lots. While both are durable and long-lasting, asphalt is the more appropriate choice for most commercial uses.

When comparing asphalt to tarmac to decide which might be the right choice for your business, consider the following:

  • Durability: Asphalt is more durable than tarmac and can withstand heavier traffic and extreme weather conditions.
  • Maintenance: Asphalt requires less maintenance than tarmac. Once installed, it can last many years without needing repair.
  • Surface: Asphalt has a smoother surface than tarmac, which makes it safer and more comfortable to drive on.
  • Environment: Asphalt is more environmentally friendly than tarmac. It is made from recycled materials and can be recycled at the end of its lifespan.

In addition to these benefits, asphalt is more cost-effective than tarmac in the long run. While asphalt may be more expensive to install initially, its durability and low maintenance requirements make it a more economical choice over time.

Asphalt is ideal for the following uses:

  • Roads: Asphalt is the most common material used for paving roads. It is durable enough to withstand heavy traffic and extreme weather conditions.
  • Driveways: Asphalt driveways are popular because they are durable, low-maintenance, and affordable.
  • Parking lots: Asphalt parking lots are a good choice for commercial and industrial properties. Similar to roads, asphalt is durable enough to withstand heavy traffic and can be easily marked and striped.

When deciding which material, asphalt or tarmac, is the right choice for your project, be sure to have a maintenance plan in mind and included in your overall budget. Buckeye Asphalt Maintenance & Sealcoating offers quality asphalt maintenance at affordable rates. Contact us to ensure your investment is protected.